College Girl's Best Queso Ever

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Total Time
2 mins
13 mins

College food chic... It will bring your guests to their knees.Whenever my girlfriends or guyfriends come over, I make this and I use up all my chips plus some of my roommates. Sorry, Amelia. It took some tweaking but I have turned this into an art. This can also be made in the microwave!!

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  1. Cook up onion and breakfast sausage, drain. TIP: Wait for the sausage to be room temp before you start cooking. It gets a little tougher if you give it fridge to stove top temps back to back.
  2. Put about half the Velveeta in the pan and keep stirrin -- Don't let the cheese get awkward. And put it one of the cans of Herdez. Wait about a minute and decide to put the rest in because you don't want to wait either.
  3. Take out a piece of foil and lay a big ol' square of it over the pan. It will help it melt quicker. Stir when you feel like it -- until its all melted. Serve with Tortilla or corn chips; YUM!